Our Helicopter Flights Are Always On Camera

During some recent helicopter recurrent training we discussed various accidents and reviewed videos of said accidents. While analyzing accident video is an important method for learning ways to avoid making the same mistakes, something else can be gleaned from this available evidence: everybody is recording video or taking photos of our helicopter flight. We are in the public’s eyes at all times.

Many videos show pilots simply going about their jobs, accomplishing the mission safely and according to operation specifications…

But then there are those accidents that happen even with competent pilots—some pilot-error and some not. Certain videos make you wonder if the video recording itself was a distraction or not, or whether the pilot might have been showing off…

The point here is that all of us should remember that we are likely being recorded when flying helicopters, especially during the landing/departing phase. Notice how most of the videos above were recorded by people—not security cameras. Follow the rules. Fly safely. Don’t become the latest YouTube video.

Study up,
Jack Stelter

2/26/2017 Note: I’m busy with some helicopter recurrent training right now and realized I missed posting last week’s quiz. Oops! I will get back to those going online come March, as I’m tied up this week as well.


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