Say Goodbye To The Textual Area Forecast (FA)

I haven’t used the textual Area Forecast for flight planning since the early 2000s, aside from showing it to students for training. The same goes for actually phoning a weather briefer. I use the wide array of digital weather resources available to us from both official and unofficial sources for determining conditions for each flight, and I believe that all pilots should be comfortable and capable of determining this from these textual and graphical resources without assistance. Guess what? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is finally getting rid of the limited-utility Area Forecasts (FA).

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This Helicopter Pilot’s Minimalist Lifestyle: Part 1

A few months ago I published an article showing you my single-bag lifestyle when traveling for jobs/training. I have been living in an “extreme minimalist” mindset for a few years now, and experimented as well with “office-living” and “vandwelling.” Originally I planned to write a short book on the subject and discuss my experiments with these lifestyles, but I have since decided to turn this into a series of weekly blog posts, starting here with Part 1.

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