Quote on Decision-Making

I saw this quote (with no source listed) regarding in-flight weather decision-making posted on a wall the other day and thought it was well said: “The least experienced pilots press on, while the more experienced turn back to join the most experienced who never left the ground in the first place.

The Beginning

I’m a Rotorcraft-Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/I) that started flying nearly twenty years ago, and currently work as lead pilot for one of several bases owned by a large commercial operator in the United States. Looking back at the training I received for my first rating—Private Airplane Single-Engine Land (ASEL)—I found many subjects I understood incorrectly or not at all. Some of my first flights as a rated Pilot-In-Command (PIC) were successful by mere luck from a regulatory and planning standpoint. Fortunately, I recognized this early on.

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